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Health, Vitality and Wellness; Reiki Retreat

21 day Reiki Retreat healing challenge


You are invited to the event which provides online access to multi media meditation infused with Reiki. This event is accessed in your own home or location. This event is 21 days duration.  The foundation of the event is Gassho meditation infused with Reiki and healing sound frequencies of binaural sounds.  There is also Healing meditation and visualisations along with an introduction to an ancient Hindu Goddess of abundance and wealth.  In Japan this female Deity is known as Kichijōten, she is the Goddess of happiness, fertility, and beauty. 

  • Start; anytime you like

  • End date; on day 21

  • One off fee £21.00

An ancient practice, Reiki helps clear energy blocks and bring you closer to your best life.  There are three levels to Reiki.  Each level teaches simple and effective methods that help you Master your Reiki practice.  Dissolve blocks, and lift your energy, make draw you closer to a life that you desire. 

Reiki is a personal development tool.  Students receive lifetime access to training and educational materials.  to facilitate your own healing and the healing of loved ones, pets, plants and restore balance to all areas of life.

With Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy you can access affordable Reiki training that provides lifetime access to educational materials, that promote your personal development, and you can access a student area with helpful meditations to create your own Reiki Retreat.


Learning Reiki has never been easier.  With all three levels of Reiki available to students anywhere around the globe, these on-line, multi-media courses allow Reiki to be accessible to all.  Learning at home, or a place you choose, at a time that suits.  Fees are affordable and when you’ve achieved your level two Reiki you will gain access to professional membership and insurance. 


Your next step after that is Reiki master teacher level and something you can again choose to do in the comfort of your own home.

I feel it is so important for anyone, anywhere in the world, learn Reiki and gain the benefits of this energy healing practice.  This is why the fees for each level of learning are purposefully affordable. 

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