Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy is a group that provides education, training and membership to those students who have competed their professional qualification training with us.  The British Holistic Therapy Organisation is the sister organisation the provides both students and qualified therapists recognised membership. 

We provide students and qualified therapists with professional membership from around the globe.  This provision came about as a means to provide online and E-learners a validating membership group. 

We offer a register for members, addition to our members directory and CPD.  We are partnered with GBiUK insurers who accept our students and qualified professionals for professional indemnity cover.

Why the British Holistic Therapy Organisation?


Professional membership for students of distance, online and e-learning 

You've completed your study, fulfilled the obligations of your training course provider and passed your final exam.  You're excited for the new career that lies ahead of you.

You've received your professional qualification diploma.  You know the seal of your standard is in a professional membership group and obtaining professional indemnity insurance cover that allows you to receive paying clients. 

You know clients look at your qualifications and your professional membership group as a mark of accomplishment and a hallmark of trust. 

With our organisation you can receive that professional membership status, access to a professional register, a certificate of your membership and access to a members directory that displays your professional business.  There are two options available to you; lifetime membership for a one off fee and the yearly fee that is renewed on the anniversary of commencing your membership.

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