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Simple, easy and soothing essential oils to draw you into a port of calm during the current life's storms are essential and vital in your personal healthy self-caring now more than ever before.  In this post I am going to share a couple of essential oils that don’t gain much coverage but are invaluable to have in your mixing and blending kit.  


In her book, Aromatherapy for the Soul’ Valerie Ann Worwood states ‘Gently, and without disturbing the creative forces, vetivert steadies and calms any inner disquiet, and in that calmness may come the answers we seek’.  Vetivert is pronounced vetiver, and the latin name is Vetiveria zizaniodes or Chrysopogon zizanioodes which belongs to the plant family Poaceae/Gramineae.  This essential oil is steam distilled using the root of the plant.  The plant itself grows up to six foot tall and has a complex root system that is said to be some 15 foot.  


This is a relaxing essential oil, referred to as the oil of tranquility because of this relaxing effect, and whose note is base and is used as a fixative in perfumes and colognes.  The aromatic flavour is woody, earthen, balsamic with spicy tones.  Worwood informs us that the benefits of this essential oil in relation to the emotional system are to‘encourage growth, integrity, wisdom, strength, honour, protection, self-esteem, and grounding’.


The main components of Vetivert essential oil are outlined by Tizzerand and Young (2013) in their book ‘Essential Oil Safety, 2nd Edition’who inform the reader that this essential oil is a complex mixture of more than 150 sesquiterpenoids.  The most prevailing include:








This essential oil can support a bedtime ritual which helps to relax, unwind and begin the process of settling into sleep.  A simple mixture of a few drops of oil in a carrier or cream and massaged onto the next and torso will aid inhaling the essential vapours without extra gadgets.  


A few drops of this essential oil on a tissue, placed in the sleeping area and with the door closed, a few hours before bed, will infuse the air with this calming, soothing oil.  Blend with lavender and frankincense for a deep healing sleep.  


If you experience anxiety and panic then a blend of geranium and vetivert in a little Olive or Jojoba carrier oil, retained in a small glass jar, may help.  Simply keep your blend close to hand and dab a drop on each wrist and take a breath of the aroma till you feel ok.  Remember to keep jars labelled and take care to store safely, out of children’s reach and in a dark, cool place.


The past months of 2020 have been fraught now it is time to take more good care of yourself and using essential aromatic oils, safely diluted and stored, can be one way to help and support yourself more fully, vitally important in therapist self-care routines.  


CPD activity for aromatherapists:


In around 500 words write about Vetivert essential oil, include a description of the plant, it’s locale and such.

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