Our Code

Our code is simple, it is as below but ultimately that both student and qualified holistic therapists observe the laws and regulations of their country, act with honesty and integrity, participate in providing service to others for a fair and even return of service, respect and take care of themselves and uphold the reputation of the profession of holistic therapy.

Membership rules


  1. As a student or qualified practitioner you shall refer your clients to a medical physician for assessment, investigation and treatment.  You must never diagnose or treat any condition that you are not professionally qualified to treat.

  2. Where a medical condition is identified and diagnosis has been confirmed by a qualified physician a practitioner may, with the written consent of their clients physician provide treatment within the remit of their own practice.

  3. You must be honest in all claims that you make of your particular practice ensuring that you do not claim to ‘cure’ a particular illness, disease or ailments.

  4. Only where you hold qualification and particular titles may you uses them otherwise you must not use or imply medical training and qualification unless you hold such evidence as proof.

  5. Qualified professional holistic therapy practitioners are allowed to use our logo and lettering on their literature and website at no extra fee.

  6. Members will be added to our members register and added to our directory, which is available for the public to search, for their services.

  7. Members will be provided a certificate of membership that identifies ‘lifetime’ or ‘yearly’ membership.

  8. These rules and any terms can be amended when necessary; it is for the member to check these time to time. 

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