A journey within

Take back control of your life, retrieve your soul essence and recover your God, source connection today.

With so much going on in the world that is designed to distract each of us from our divine connection to Source, Divinity, God, Creator a Journey within will take us back to reconnecting to our soul essence.

When we become disconnected and unfocussed, through fear induced states, that are whipped up into a frenzied storm by the political establishments and media outlets our body becomes subjected to a cocktail of stress hormones.

Be rest assured that those chemicals can wreck havoc on your body and feedback to the brain in a perpetual cycle of toxicity. The fight/flight/freeze/flop mechanism serves a purpose but an ongoing state is dangerous. When in constant fear the immune system shuts down and this increases the risk susceptibility of coming down with infectious diseases.

Join our therapist membership group for a one off affordable fee and access a library of healing meditations the first of the library is A journey within. This meditation draws together healing sound frequencies, mantra, mudra, breathing practice and recommended essential oils to make a truly holistic approach to restoring your emotional and mental state to balanced and whole.

When you join our membership group you will receive a certificate demonstrating your membership with us and to promote your reputation as a therapist. Not a therapist, even when you join our membership group as a friend you will receive a certificate denoting your friendship to us and access the beautiful meditations and posts only available to members.

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