Actions we can take to protect wildlife

Updated: Feb 12

Doing your bit; one bit at a time!

Our environment is precious. Green spaces have been swamped by houses and deforestation has led to masses of tarmac. Factories add to the sprawling jungle of man made ugliness. Mother Earth has been pillaged and her beauty is almost ravaged. Yet there are groups aplenty who are tasking themselves with tree planing (Tree Sisters).

Our wildlife rely on natural habitats for their existence. We don't have to sign up to a group to choose to do our bit to support and protect wildlife. We can simply learn how to attract birds, bees and butterfly's even into a tiny garden. A small buddleia plant will grow rapidly and attract all manner of insects and birds.

The plant is fragrant and offers foliage and flower; the flower comes in white and a vibrant purple/pink. This a great plant for creating natural shade too - no need for plastics and nylon. A wild flower garden is also a great way for promoting attraction of insects. And a space for a tree to hang bird feeders on can promote and support our smaller birds.

What I have noticed around where I live is the growing seagull population; I'm about miles from the coast and I put the seagull population being inland down to the loss of the fishing industry...

A few years ago I was leaving my home one dark, cold autumn morning and I almost trod on a hedgehog. I was surprised that a hog would venture my way especially as there is a busy road nearby. Sadly with urban sprawl there is a danger to our wild animals.

To protect our wild life we must protect our ancient woodlands and the green areas. This requires learning to live in harmony with nature, something our ancestors knew well. It also calls for individuals to be responsible with their behaviour and choose to take their litter home with them. It calls for to teach the young children to be taught how to care for their environment and be respectful of the world they live upon and share with all living creatures. And you may even decide to join one of the man charity's that care for the environment. For me I will continue to plant and grow, and put out seed balls for the birds. Let us know how you plan to protect our wild life...

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