Creating conscious clarity

Creating clarity in a time of chaos, confusion and coercive control

Understanding chaos in a nutshell is important.  In private or in public, chaos and confusion can be lethal and cause something referred to as cognitive dissonance.  Cognitive dissonance is only one  of many tactics used by manipulative and abusive people to gain power and control over their target that is also known as victim.  

Interestingly though the perpetrator will play the pitiful victim extremely well and the person who they have terrorised will be viewed as a the bad person by those called ‘flying monkeys’.  Should you go and research personality disorders, narcissism, psychopathy and sociopathy, you will learn gain .

Globally there is a pandemic of chaos, confusion and coercive control.  No matter the government, or the politics the outcome is the same.  Chaos, confusion and control through the mechanisms of coercion, divide and conquer.  Sitting watching, listening to, or reading the garbage that these people churn out has been humorous in the light of knowledge of the personality disordered.  

Personally I have moved through so many emotions as I, along with my fellow UK citizen, watched the ridiculous behaviours displayed by parliament around the whole Brexit thing.  And then nonsensical manner of the corona virus and house arrest with rules that applied only to the little people but not to the big people.  

But most recently the whole race issue.  That is the true divide and conquer.  But to me that is where radicalisation into humanity is an urgent necessity.  It is our world, we are people and we all have a soul.  The notion of ‘white privilege’ is designed to divide and conquer too.  So too is the notion of ‘black privilege’!  Yes you can check that out with the link shared but this is about clarity from confusion, organisation from chaos and retrieving personal self-control.

Anything that creates division creates stress.  The stress is immense on the brain, body and being  and stress leads to suffering in many forms.  The mind seeks clarity, order and organisation.  Because this leads to stability and gives a sense of congruence between what is heard and what is seen.  So it can be said the level of stress across humanity is hitting an all time high; world-wide, 7.7 billion people are affected.

Given everything is energy this amount of tension, stress and pressure is a palpable amount of energy.  It is not a good energy either.  Good energy is light, expansive, embracing, warm, compassionate.  And in a moment we will get into that.  7.7 billion people suffering.

But let’s return to the UK

Never has there been a time in the UK where the public have accepted government rules and then witnessed those rule makers blatantly break the rules.  This continues with the public being forced to wear masks whilst those who are making such laws not wearing them.  It could not be more obvious.

Feeling burnt out and apathetic, depressed and demoralised people are tired of the tirade of chaos, confusion and the greater control of their lives the government has assumed. This short recording will share a short story, that leads to some proactive steps I have used to self-support, I share some information about essential oils that ease us through times of disturbance and aid balanced body, brain, being.

This produces even more pressure as the inner being, our soul, recognises the discrepancies, but voices are silenced.  The mask is a symbol of acquiescence of power, of silencing the voice, of preventing and obstructing the free flowing energy of the breath.

The breath is the vital life force given to all from God, or the Creator, Divinity at the time of birth.  Biblical scripture describes how the holy spirit entered man when ‘he breathed into his nostrils’.

In this recording I share with you simple steps that I have used to create order in the chaos, create organisation in the confusion, and reclaimed control.  So take some time to become prepared; maybe splash your face with refreshing cool water, have a glass of cool water to drink, a note pad and pen or pencil will be useful too.  And when you are ready press play and let’s get going…

Firstly I recognised that I was sabotaging myself through paying attention to main stream and other media sources.  I noted this was disconnecting me from God and so began to reconnect with Spirit through prayer.  I created a meditation approach to the Lord’s Prayer and listen to this each day.

I created greater distance between myself from the matter that caused confusion and chaos.  This was related to mainstream media and even other media and all the misguiding information around Corona virus and covid 19.  

I gained enough information to then make an informed choice about what I wanted to do to protect my health.  Later I dipped into this reservoir of information to create a return to work course for holistic therapists to support their efforts in re-opening business.  This is vital to global healing.

Secondly I considered the information and drafted up a plan of action in which to promote good strong immunity and retain personal power and develop inner peace.  I continued an inner dialogue with God and created a personal mantra and also made a vision board and then created a meditation that I listen to when feeling confused and wish to create clarity.

Thirdly I wanted to help my close friends and for them to be safe, strong and healthy.  So I took the information about good health and well-being and shared that with them and then I ignored the misinformation from government bodies which did not include information about nourishment and how certain foods actually fend against viruses!  But I did observe the law around social distancing.

Fourthly I began to create a perma-culture garden; warning flags have gone out about food shortages and food crisis on the horizon.  I made assessment of my current circumstances; what was my physical limitations due to medical injury, what was my garden capacity, what equipment and items did I have at hand that I could make a start and then what was it I needed to be able to grow food?  

Lastly I put into action the things I wanted to achieve; my immune system is good, my physical fitness is improved a little as I have pottered around preparing my little garden, I’ve purchased seeds and other things for to grow food, and I’ve created my own time table of learning to build my knowledge base.

Essential oils that can support mind and emotion during times of chaos and confusion are:

Patchouli; during immense stress we can also feel ungrounded, we can over think and over analyse the matter at hand.  Worrying about the what-if’s keeps us locked into the situation.  Patchouli is an earthy essential oil and will ease breathing, deepen the breathe and restore grounded calm which supports faith in the Universal plan.

Basil; at times of great mental and emotional stress we can easily become exhausted.  This exhaustion seems to linger and is a real challenge.  Basil helps to lift the spirit and is cleansing as well as energising.

Patuchouli; during immense stress we can also feel ungrounded, we can over think and over analyse the matter at hand.  Worrying about the what-if’s keeps us locked into the situation.  Patchouli is an earthy essential oil and will ease breathing, deepen the breathe and restore grounded calm which supports faith in the Universal plan.

Rose; when we feel robbed of personal freedom we become enslaved either by belief or perception. Rose restores us to our hearts centre, reconnects us to the Universal and higher sources of love.  As we return to our hearts we rediscover the truth and become liberated and reconnected to our Divine Creator.

Frankincense; as we sit in the darkness of turmoil, chaos and confusion it is easy for distorted beliefs to emerge.  This can be a good thing as these can be challenged, purged and result in a shift within and so reflect outwards.  Frankincense will cut through these energies and create clarity and so we can see the truth clearly.  

Moving through emotions and thoughts is eased with essential oils, prayer, meditation and breath work.  Restoring harmony and balance, creating clarity with ease.  

It is my hope that you have found this information useful, that it supports you gain clarity when needed most.  That the end game is one of faith in the peace of Our almighty Divine Creator.  

Please share this with others, share this with love, we all need help and hugs are denied us at present. It is my wish that as a Unified conscious mind that we heal and grow and evolve into Radical humans embracing each other with compassionate kindness.

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