The future for our forests

Updated: Feb 11

I love trees, I love woodlands and I love forests. They offer such a warm welcome, a feeling of returning home. A reconnection to nature and all the beauty within is heart opening and heart-warming. As a little girl I would go through a church ground with my two sisters and was always in awe of the massive and magnificent trees. Their boughs full of leaves and birds truly amazed me, and it felt like a dream to see them. I loved their bark, the texture and colour, their smell and the feeling of being rooted into a world that was often fraught with destructive family dynamics.

My mother had gotten an allotment and my two sisters and I would wander through this woodland in the church ground and climb over an old metal fence that had peeling green paint and rust. One day I had noticed a birds nest that had been built into a wall that run along the other side of the fence, empty but I was fascinated by it; my mother had a tree in our garden and early morning time I would be up and open the front door of our home. I’d stand and watch the birds flitting around and hopping about the ground. I quietly and carefully creep outside and try to catch a bird but they’d always fly off.

The allotment was surrounded by other gardens and they too surrounded by trees and this wall of trees felt safe, secure and protective. I have wonderful memories of the allotment; digging up weeds and seeing lettuce grow. Potatoes, huge and in abundance grew in our back garden; there was a drought at the time but mam had planted potatoes and used the bath water and laundry water on them; early morning she would venture to the horse field opposite the church and collect horse manure to feed them.

This early experience has led to my having my own little garden, I’d love something bigger but I’m grateful of what I have. In my small garden I’ve a massive buddleia and the birds, butterfly’s and bees all love it, and I love them as they bring such amazement to life. I’ve also a few fruit trees, one of which had produced tons of plums.

It is so easy to be caught up with global warming, to worry and stress to the point that we miss the joy of the trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, which is claimed to be the cause of global warming. I have a different thought about that. I believe it is the gas emissions from central heating systems, spewing out from every home with one installed. Those emissions are carbon monoxide and poison our homes – imagine what that is doing on a global scale!

Being caught up in global warming also drives us to anger and rage, this destroys our vital health and robs our energy so that we miss the opportunity to take up the Governments tree planting project and get the job started and done. The Uk government wants to plant a billion trees – maybe it is worthwhile taking your time to plant trees instead of taking up protest! Those trees will take up to 40 gallons in water – we have plenty of floods that the trees can help prevent.

Reforestation is vitally important in helping to drain the lands of excess water, restore wild life habitat and secure a health and green future for generations to come. Links to government initiatives are below. If you don’t want to wait for the government then you can start today. Pen, paper and make a plan. Locally I can access various tree seeds, can you? If you can then collect them and start growing them… make your own forest in your own garden…

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