Data protection and privacy

The British Holistic Therapy Organisation, "BHTO" requires a certain amount of information about its members for it to be able to conduct and fulfil its duties and agreements with members. 


The information collected and that is publicly shared is held in the Members "Professional Directory" which is your name, professional practitioner role, a brief profile of individual member and a website link or other contact information to allow site visitors to seek your professional services.  This information is submitted by the individual member who has agreed to this information being shared, but who retains the right to have this amended and/or removed.

The "BHTO" retains the right to remove individuals and cancel their membership where there has been a lapse in their professional and ethical practices without notice or justification and without loss of remittance to the organisation.

We do not share information with third parties and use all reasonable endeavours to ensure the safety and security of individual members personal information and data.  Where required by law we will share information with courts but will inform individuals of this.

Our blog, podcast and forums are only open to members however other members will see any post you make and we cannot other members will read them.  Where there are any signs of behaviour that is malevolent the person will be removed.

The "BHTO" may use members’ personal information to send promotional information about training opportunities and courses, which it believes would be of interest to members, unless members tell us in writing that they do not wish to receive such information.

The British Holistic Therapy Organisation appreciates feedback and should you feel there are any items that can be added to improve our services please let us know, we will be delighted to consider these as part of our own programme of continued improvement.

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