Standards for Holistic Therapy Professionals


It is wonderful to provide Holistic therapy services in a professional setting and that can include a separate space within your own personal residence.  To promote and uphold your own reputation and that of holistic therapy practitioners and our industry you may apply for membership to the British Holistic Therapy Organisation; this organisation is British but all are welcome to join.


Once you have been approved and accepted as a member you will receive your certificate of membership to display on your treatment room wall, to demonstrate your professionalism and dedication to standards of practice.  You will also receive a copy of our logo to use on your business literature and website.


The Professional Standards, in addition to ‘our code’ that you agree to when becoming a member are:


  1. Always conduct a full consultation in a private area and store personal information safely and securely. 

  2. Ensure consent forms are signed and dated and retained in the clients personal file - retain a copy for yourself should a case be made against you.

  3. Always maintain accurate records and observe secure storage.

  4. Provide accurate information and answer questions about your therapy service offered in line with your training and education.

  5. Never diagnose ailments or prescribe any medications but refer your client to their medical professional if you feel they need to have investigation into a compliant or ailment.

  6. Never recommend or advise a client to stop taking medication or treatment - this is the remit of the medical profession.

  7. Ensure that your treatment area is clean, tidy and organised and address any health and safety matters efficiently.

  8. Safeguard your practice and maintain your personal safety by creating your workplace policies.

  9. Those under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian who remains present during therapy time.

  10. Provide aftercare and ask for feedback for quality assurance.

  11. Maintain your professional status with CPD, PDP and SMART goals; this can include a reflective account about a client you supported with Reiki but redacted to maintain GDPR.

  12. Respect others beliefs and demonstrate professional manner at all times; never name call or slander another therapist or business but acknowledge their value.

  13. Most importantly follow the laws of the land in which you offer service and practice therapy.

  14. Ensure you hold the correct and appropriate insurances for your business and yourself.

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